fitness first personal training & kettlebell conditioning


about the studio....


Fitness First Personal Training & Kettlebell Conditioning is conveniently located in downtown Naperville on the second floor of 25 S. Washington St. between Catch 35 and the post office/new bank. 

 I will teach you how to use a kettlebell with proper form.  I also incorporate many other tools so that no two workouts are the same.  Your workouts will be challenging and fun.

Some of the other equipment I use:

Tractor Tire Flipping
Body-weight exercises using good old-fashioned calisthenics
Sandbag/Water-filled bag
Equalizer bars
Weighted balls
Dragging sled

I can get you in the best shape of your life; if you will commit yourself to working out regularly and eating a relatively clean diet.  It's all about your patience, your consistent effort and my guidance.









 Hours are by appointment only.  Water bottles and towels provided.





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